The Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf is the oldest advocacy organization for people with disabilities in British Columbia. Founded in 1926 as the Vancouver Association for the Deaf Adults (VADA), the group’s main goal at the time was to help Deaf people in Vancouver find employment. They worked with the Vancouver League of the Hard of Hearing (VLHH), to write letters to governments and agencies to lobby for improved services for their members.
Eventually, a new agency called the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (WIDHH) was started, which now provides employment and personal counseling, interpreting, hearing assessment and provision of aids and technical devices. These important services are the result of the work of VADA and VLHH from many years ago. In 1980, VADA was incorporated under the BC Societies Act as the Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf in 1980. GVAD is a Charitable Organization registered with Canada Revenue Agency.